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Welcome to Long Island Doctors Directory. This is a medical directory site to help you find Healthcare Professionals to care for everything from the mind, body and soul that are near your home. At Long Island Doctors Directory you can access physicians information, sorted by the area you live in and the doctor’s specialization. From there you will be able to pick the specialized physician for your medical needs who may be closer to your home than you thought. You will be able to access physicians who participate in your medical plan as well as background information on a particular physician. All the information you will need about these physicians will be at your fingertips. We also make available to you emergency numbers for your area, which will include Hospitals, Ambulance companies, Home Healthcare Professionals, etc. These can be printed out and kept near your phone in case of an emergency.

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The medical specialists directory assists referring professionals to find specialists with specific interest and qualifications in a preferred geographical location. It enables consumers to choose a medical specialists for referral by their general practitioner.